Luora Primary School


pupils in classLuora Primary School is located in Gongo Location in HomaBay District in HomaBay County.It is on Oyugis-Ndiru Road just three km to Ndiru Centre.It was started in 1951 as DEB school by snr chief Jeremiah Otieno.Mr Adede Samson was the first administrator.The buildings were four grass-thatched houses.The current tuition block was built in 1954.The other administrators were;John Otieno;Ephan Anyango;Onyango Oluch;John Ounda;David Okwany;Onyango Abonyo;Christopher Ochanda and Joash Nyachar the current headteacher.

There was an urgent need to have a secondary shool within the area.In 1981,the school compound was split into primary and secondary.The primary was left with the first buildingĀ  .Currently the shool has an enrolment of five hundred and above with girls leading.The school does not have an administration block.One classroom is being used for administrative purposes.

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